Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education's Greater Purposes

The newest release from Bringing Theory to Practice, Well-Being and Higher Education explores the multiple connections of well-being to higher education—and why those connections matter for the individual lives of students and those who teach; for the institution; and for whether or not the unique promise of higher education to a democratic society can be advanced… and realized.

The volume provides 35 accessible essays including but not limited to the following topics: a conceptual analysis of well-being; its significance for institutional policies, structures, and priorities; its practiced connections to higher education’s unique role in a democracy; campus violence; educational opportunities for non-traditional students; curricula and pedagogical practices in both the sciences and humanities; the connection between well-being and meaningful work; instituting campus well-being through lessons in the medical field; and more. Through these essays, written by a diverse group of recognized scholars both within and without the academy, learning and well-being are more deeply and fully understood as in large part relational.

This volume opens the discussion on the analysis of well-being’s connection to learning and to being whole for the individual, for the institution, and for the community; it responds to the current landscape of challenges against the current state of higher education; and it brings to the forefront a conversation considering the greater purposes of higher education — why higher education makes a unique contribution to social justice and to society’s economic and cultural integrity — and the need to preserve and revive the institution’s role to look beyond itself to a greater good.

Well-Being and Higher Education is available here as a free PDF download.

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