Civic Values, Civic Practices

Civic Values, Civic Practices provides new perspectives on fundamental issues. It features several brief challenging and provocative essays followed by eight full chapters, all authored by renowned scholars. Each broadens and deepens understanding of the current nature of the civic, the relation of civic learning to action, and what it takes to realize the civic mission of higher education.The topics range from the origins of civic engagement in higher education, to academic freedom as a necessary condition for an institutional civic mission, to a “more than human” worldview providing grounding for ecological civic values, to diminished democracy and the twilight of civic values, to social media and new forms of civic engagement.Chapters explore fresh dimensions of civic values and practices, from shared bases of the civic in a world of increasing difference, to the exhibition of civic values and practices in the treatment and response of “the other” (e.g., undocumented students) to championing individual liberty while addressing major social concerns (e.g., US gun violence) to undergraduate civic learning opportunities, to the possibilities for a global civics.The volume argues that understanding and acting on the civic today requires deeper analysis than is presently practiced, and more consideration of the centrality of the civic on campus and in the community.