Civic Engagement, Civic Development and Higher Education

Civic Engagement, Civic Development and Higher Education provides perspectives of institutional leaders who are inspired rather than discouraged by the present challenges of civic renewal and higher education.

Each author presents a distinct approach from his or her own institution—from community colleges to research universities both public and private in the United States and the world of which it is part. Some consider initiatives which enhance educational excellence at the institutional level, where others emphasize their work with faculty members, curricula, or communities. They include lessons learned from efforts to build a new institution from the ground up, to an institution which operates in cyberspace, to another which works within systems with long held traditions.

The authors address distinct approaches, but together share a commitment to understanding what is, or can be achieved, by using the civic as an agent for change.  Together they were chosen because of their visionary leadership, because they are defining institutions and building programs that are on the cutting edge, and because in embracing the civic tradition of higher education, they bear witness to fundamental beliefs in education as a source of intellectual strength, personal well-being and justice. Great inspiration, much hopefulness and good ideas will be found in their work.