BTtoP is committed to providing accessible and practical resources for our colleagues on campus and beyond to explore the linkages of engaged learning, civic engagement and development, and the well-being of students.

Assessment Tools

BTtoP believes that fundamental to cultural change on campus is dedication to assessment. The process of preparing for, gathering, and disseminating evidence of transformational experiences strengthens strategy for campus practice and serves to further support purposes and goals by sharing meaningful outcomes across multiple constituencies.

Each and every grant proposal BTtoP receives is evaluated for the cogency and coherence of robust assessment practice. In that vein, Dr. Ashley Finley, BTtoP's former national evaluator, created the BTtoP Toolkit, an assessment tool designed to address multiple dimensions of engaged learning, civic engagement, and student mental health and well-being in a single instrument.

Find more information and assessment resources here.


While many definitions of the following terms exist, BTtoP provides these operational definitions to aid in better interpreting project materials, including our RFP's.


BTtoP publishes a tri-annual (fall, winter, spring) Newsletter featuring the work of grantee campuses, timely news and topical features, as well as brief news and notes announcing events, research, and other resources. Peruse our Newsletter issues for great examples of campus work linking the learning, civic engagement and well-being of college and university students. To submit a piece to our Newsletter, see the Submission Guidelines


BTtoP publications achieve the goal of communicating and engaging with a wide and diverse audience, on campus and beyond, our common purpose of transformational student experiences in higher education.

Major BTtoP Publications include: a major volume on student learning, Transforming Undergraduate EducationThe Civic Series of monographs on the civic mission of higher education; and, an upcoming major volume on Well-Being and Higher Education. For a sample of the type of work we've published over the years, please visit here!

Research and Presentations

For over ten years, BTtoP has sponsored research that characterizes what is available and known regarding the specific nature of engaged learning, civic engagement and development, and student well-being. This research is sponsored as much to support our campus-based grants as it is to enrich the conversations in our national learning community. BTtoP is dedicated to exploring the breadth of campus practice as well as the depth. 

Related Organizations

While BTtoP is the only national independent entity examining learning, civic engagement and development and student well-being together, many organizations are conducting wonderful work in each of these areas of interest. We encourage you to browse their sites for further resources and information.