In Brief: BTtoP News and Notes (Spring/Summer 2015)


New Delphi Project Report on the Future of Faculty
Adrianna Kezar and Daniel Maxey (codirectors of the Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success, an initiative in partnership with the AAC&U and housed at the USC Rossier School of Education) released a new report in February 2015 titled “Adapting by Design: Creating Faculty Roles and Defining Faculty Work to Ensure an Intentional Future for Colleges and Universities.” From the report’s authors: “The erosion of a strong and well-established academic profession, in the absence of new visions to replace the status quo, has implications for a broader deterioration of the higher education enterprise as a whole…[This report] aims to spark a new discussion and more widespread debate about the future of the academic profession.”
Visit for access to the full report.

28th Annual NCORE and Opportunity to Participate in Research
Rebecca Dolinsky (Association of American Colleges and Universities) and Heather McCambly (Office of Community College Research and Leadership, University of Illinois) will present “‘And’ (not ‘or’): Strengthening LGBTQ Students’ Integration on Campus through Intersectional Practice” on Thursday, May 28, 8:30–10:00 a.m. at the 28th Annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education. The session will share research and explore practices that support LGBTQ students’ integration on campus through their multidimensional identities (race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, nationality, and citizenship). The presenters will discuss national findings from an original research study that captures self-reported educational practices and perceptions of campus practitioners and faculty differently committed to serving students’ intersectional identities.
If you cannot attend the session, but are interested in participating in the presenters’ ongoing research, their national survey is still open. Visit  to participate in the 10–15 minute survey and share your experiences.

Newsletter Submissions
BTtoP created this newsletter to highlight the good work of grantee campuses that have been involved with us as a Project over the last twelve years. We are excited to share your campus story—and encourage you to submit pieces to appear as Campus Highlights or small bits of news to appear in our In Brief section. Please also feel free to forward us the good work of your colleagues or other innovations on campuses and in your communities. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information or to submit a piece electronically, please contact


Don Harward Speaks at University of Delaware and University of Maine System
BTtoP Director Don Harward recently served as a guest speaker at two institutions to which he has strong ties. The University of Delaware hosted a Celebration of Community Engagement on Monday, March 9, on the Newark campus. Harward is a former faculty member in the philosophy department at Delaware and designed and led the university’s Honors Program during his tenure on campus. The University of Maine System hosted a Community Engagement Summit, March 19-20, at the University of Southern Maine. Harward, who served as the sixth president of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, has a strong connection to the civic engagement movement in the state. During his tenure at Bates, he worked to integrate the university into the Lewiston community; the Harward Center for Community Partnerships was opened in 2005 in recognition of his efforts.

At both events, Harward explored the theme of the ‘engaged’ university, in which the well-being of students and faculty, and of the institution and the community, are explicitly expressed as an objective, and the interdependency of the university and its communities is robustly and broadly understood as valued partners.