Well-being Working Conference

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 5:00am to 11:30pm
As part of a developing initiative that gives special attention to the psychosocial development and well-being of students, BTtoP has identified and is prepared to support with one-year $10,000 matching grants thirty institutions that are (or will become) national leaders in attending to the whole student learner—institutions that are committed to asking and then responding in their policies and practices to such core questions as:
  • How does learning, as a defining element of our campus culture, support the psychosocial development of our students (how does the epistemic connect to the eudemonic)?
  • How and why does an intentional commitment to the psychosocial development of all of our students positively affect their learning and civic engagement?
The purpose of this conference was to convene this national community of leaders for the first time to discuss their work and develop their proposals.
Suggested Readings
From BTtoP
By Ashley Finley
By Don Harward
By Ted Long
By Anne Goodsell-Love
By Kathy Low
By Jennifer O'Brien
By Brandon Busteed
By the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Georgetown University
By Daniel KahnKahneman and Jason Riis
By Corey Keyes
By Jeffrey Sachs, John F. Helliwell and Richard Layard
By Hetan Shah and Nic Marks
Event Presentations
By Corey Keyes
By Don Harward
Additional Event Materials