Assessment Tools

The Toolkit instrument was created for the Project by Dr. Ashley Finley, Former National Evaluator for BTtoP.  Drawing from standardized instruments and original items from BTtoP consortium institutions, the intent of this assessment tool is to address multiple dimensions of engaged learning, civic engagement, and student mental health and well-being in a single instrument.  The instrument was created to guide common assessment efforts across diverse campuses.  It is not intended to be the definitive assessment resource for BTtoP work.  Please see the link below for additional resources on assessment. 

BTtoP Toolkit Instrument

This link displays the instrument as it appears in a web-based format for one institution.  Please see the Overview link above for further explanation of instrument construction and specific areas of assessment. The instrument is the property of Bringing Theory to Practice.  We ask that you do not reprint or distribute without the consent of Dr. Finley or Bringing Theory to Practice.

Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory (PSRI)

The Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory (PSRI): An Institutional Climate Measure is a campus climate survey developed originally as part of an initiative called Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility. A joint webinar between BTtoP and PSRI author Bob Reason is available at

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide (pdf)

BTtoP recommends this logic model development guide created by the Kellogg Foundation "to give staff of nonprofits and community members alike sufficient orientation to the underlying principles of 'logic modeling' to use this tool to enhance their program planning, implementation, and dissemination activities." An accompanying logic model template from Former National Evaluator Ashley Finley is available upon request ( A webinar led by Finley, with accompanying materials, can be found at

VALUE: Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education

Through AAC&U’s VALUE Project teams of faculty nationwide collaborated on the development of rubrics to directly assess student development in 15 critical skill and knowledge areas.  Included among these are specific rubrics that may be helpful for the assessment of BTtoP-related efforts such as: “Civic Engagement – Local and Global,” “Intercultural Knowledge and Competence,” “Ethical Reasoning,” “Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning,” “Integrative Learning,” and “Teamwork,” among others.


Additional Tools