In Brief: BTtoP News and Notes (Fall 2014)


BTtoP Releases Final Volume in Civic Series: Civic Learning and Teaching
Civic Learning and Teaching, edited by Ashley Finley, appeared as the fifth and final volume in BTtoP’s Civic Series of monographs broadly exploring the civic mission and practice of higher education. Civic Learning and Teaching contributes to an understanding of why the integration of civic engagement in higher education—both inside and outside the classroom—matters for students, faculty, campus professionals, and community members. From service learning and study abroad to alternative spring break and community-based research, most colleges and universities have created opportunities for students to have “civic experiences.” This monograph suggests that when campus and community leaders work intentionally to connect students’ civic experiences with learning and teaching, students’ learning becomes more fluid, more transformative, and more likely to inspire civic thought and action. Available now for download ( and purchase (

Simon Fraser University Wins Award for BTtoP Grant-supported Project
Simon Fraser University received an innovation award from the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services for its BTtoP-supported “Well-being in Learning Environments” project—highlighted in our fall 2013 newsletter. Read the article here to learn more about this fascinating project.

Pitzer College Publishes E-book Anthology of Community Engagement Scholarship
Pitzer College’s Community Engagement Center has published an e-book anthology highlighting the wide range and powerful depth of the work of many of its community-engaged teachers and scholars. The anthology includes insightful reflections from practitioners as well as informative strategies for implementing community-based education, research, and service programs. The e-book can be found here:

Collaborations and Travels

BTtoP Director Don Harward Participates in “Reinventors” Video Series
Don Harward was featured in a 90-minute video roundtable session as part of a series called “Reinvent the University for the Whole Person.” The roundtable engaged a group of thought leaders from inside and outside the academy over a six-episode series, using interactive video as the platform. The full roundtable, as well as shorter selections, can be viewed here:

National Evaluator Ashley Finley Presents BTtoP Work
Ashley Finley, Bringing Theory to Practice’s national evaluator, presented the keynote presentation at Webster University’s “Global Citizenship Collaboratory” event (May 19–20) and lead two workshops with faculty and staff. Her presentation, titled “Examining the Effects of Engagement: High-Impact Practices and Flourishing,” can be downloaded here. She also facilitated sessions at the Bonner Foundation’s High-Impact Practices Institute (July 7–8) that focused on helping campus teams implement and assess civic and community-based projects.

Gallup-Purdue Index Report
BTtoP Project Associate Dylan Joyce attended the debut presentation of the Gallup-Purdue Index Report (available for download: Executive Director of Gallup Education Brandon Busteed summarized data intended to measure long-term holistic outcomes related to over 30,000 college graduate’s lives, including their workplace engagement and financial and social well-being, and the connection of those elements to their undergraduate experience. Notably, only 3 percent of graduates strongly agreed they had experienced six measures of support from faculty and experiential and deep learning in an undergraduate context. AAC&U’s Wilson Peden also covers the study on AAC&U’s blog: