Winter 2014 Newsletter: In Brief: News and Notes

Peter Levine's We Are the Ones that We Have Been Waiting For
In We Are the Ones that We Have Been Waiting For (Oxford University Press), Civic Studies co-editor, longtime BTtoP grantee, and renowned civic scholar Peter Levine writes on emerging civic theory and practice. Levine presents vigorously argued and rigorously researched strategies for effective and pervasive civic engagement—a practical guide for civic renewal in the face of widespread civic alienation, persistent market and institutional failure, and intense social problems.
BTtoP Session and Reception at AAC&U's Annual Meeting, January 23–24, 2014
BTtoP's annual Thursday evening reception at the AAC&U Annual Meeting provided an opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends of the Project. It was well attended and the energy invigorating—thank you to all that stopped by!
BTtoP and the S. Engelhard Center's Friday morning session moderated by Project Director Don Harward featured a lively discussion among BTtoP colleagues Brandon Busteed (executive director, Gallup Education), Amanda Hyberger (QEP director and associate professor, Chattanooga State Community College), Nigel Boyle (associate dean for Global and Local Programs, Pitzer College), and Kimberly Ferguson (dean of students, Spelman College) and the audience regarding well-being and higher education. It was a pleasure to engage with all that sat in—old and new. The excitement about this work is truly inspiring—we hope you'll stay connected as our well-being initiatives move forward.
2012-2014 Funded Projects and Opportunities
BTtoP has funded over 150 grants under the 2012–2014 RFP to date, and there is one more funding deadline remaining. We invite proposals for Seminar Grants (up to $1,000) to fund projects that will promote engaged learning, civic development and engagement, and psychosocial well-being of college and university students. Please submit proposals by Friday, March 14, 2014. Examples of funded projects and complete information about the 2012–2014 cycle of funding is available at For information regarding applying for grants under upcoming quarterly deadlines, visit BTtoP's “Funding Opportunities” page.
The Civic Series
Civic Studies, the third monograph in BTtoP's Civic Series and edited by Peter Levine and Karol Sołtan, was released in January.
To download the full Civic Studies monograph (January, 2014) for free, see To purchase copies for $10 (bulk discounts available) see
For more information on The Civic Series, visit the Civic Series page at
BTtoP Director Don Harward Travels to the University of Warsaw as Visiting Scholar
BTtoP Director Don Harward traveled to the University of Warsaw in November 2013 in a returning appointment as a visiting scholar. Harward worked collaboratively within the Artes Liberales (the faculty of liberal education within the University of Warsaw), which is developing a multi-phased ten-year plan to incorporate liberal education as a core of Poland's leading research university—in the BA, MA (already present), and PhD (a new addition). Aspects of the plan include program design (including participatory action research and a set of civic themes connected to interdisciplinary programs), leadership, financing, and strategies.