Dear friends,

As the season of holidays approaches, this number of Bringing It offers you several small gifts: some civic wisdom from a friend, an opportunity for colleges to enrich the experience of their students, and our own thanks to you.

What We’re Learning From Our Friends & Partners

For more than 45 years, the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program has brought prominent artists, diplomats, journalists, and other nonacademic professionals for week-long residential program to campuses across the United States for substantive dialogue with students, faculty, and community members.

This is our first Bringing It in a few weeks, following two recent e-blasts to the full contact list of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. One is the fall issue of our triannual newsletter focused on the role of creativity and creative practice in the kind of holistic, engaged education to which BTtoP is committed. The other is an infographic that offers an overview of the accomplishments of Bringing Theory to Practice in our first fifteen years. (We’ve been struck by responses to our recent survey that many friends and participants may not be aware of the full range and extent of this work.) We hope you received these; we invite you to look at them if you haven’t had the chance already.

Since its launch in 2003, Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) has awarded nearly 600 grants to 359 institutions. We’ve published seven books.  We’ve hosted nearly two dozen national convenings.  In the process, we’ve brought together a remarkable community of educational innovators.  We’re proud of the range of contributions that BTtoP has made to renewing the core purposes of undergraduate education.

Dear friends,

Welcome back to Bringing It. Today’s number links you to a short essay that David just published, and launches two mini-features, What We’re Learning From Our Friends & Partners and What We’re Reading. It ends with an invitation that we hope you’ll consider.

“How Does Change Really Happen in Higher Ed?”

Welcome to the first number of “Bringing It,” our new, biweekly letter to the BTtoP community. You may have noticed that since the summer, we’ve been sending you regular communications: David’s “call to community,” the announcement of our Advisory Board, a notice honoring our late friend and colleague Lee Knefelkamp, and the Survey Monkey questionnaire.

We at Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) honor and offer tribute to L. Lee Knefelkamp, whose sudden passing last week we grieve. She extended to friends, to the whole of higher education, and to the multitude of her students and colleagues offerings of wisdom, insight, humility, leadership, humor and practiced integrity. As recipients, we in turn treasured her. She contributed to all of us, and brought joy in doing so.

Bringing Theory to Practice was featured in the American Council on Education's blog, Higher Education Today, for its work on the well-being and flourishing of students.  


Caitlin Salins, Executive Project Manager and Secretary to the Board, 
Bringing Theory to Practice