September 19, 2016 | Op-Ed by BTtoP Director Don Harward: The Conversation All College Students Deserve to Have

The beginning of the school year prompts many conversations—among new students; among students and their parents; among students, parents, faculty members, student affairs professionals, and administrators. From the student perspective, these conversations could be about many things: moving to a new place; the need to apply (and how to pay) for student loans; the excitement of new experiences; the anxiety of being away from one’s family and friends; the process of determining what to focus one’s studies on; what one’s job prospects will look like; or what kind of money one might make with those jobs. Rarely, if ever, are students asked: "How will going to college help you make meaning of your life? How will it help you become an engaged citizen in your own community, and the world? How will it help you become the best version of yourself?"

This is an excerpt from a recent op-ed by BTtoP Director Don Harward written  to be provocative in challenging the current narrative regarding higher education – and suggesting an alternate one. The piece, published on the Association of American Colleges and Universities' LEAP Challenge Blog, is meant to be timely with the beginning of the new school year – addressing students, parents, teachers – all those who have an interest in affirming the greater purposes of college – for themselves as individuals and for society as a whole. 

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