October 4, 2017 | BTtoP Director, Donald W. Harward, to Retire in July 2018

Donald W. Harward, who has served as Bringing Theory to Practice’s only director since cofounding the project in 2002 with Sally Engelhard Pingree, has announced that he will retire from his official position as active director in July 2018. For the last fifteen years, as visionary leader of the project and in his previous work as a college president and philosopher, Harward has advocated for and advanced the greater purposes of higher education: engaged learning, well-being, civic development, and preparation for a meaningful life. Under his direction, the project has funded over five hundred grants at over three hundred unique campuses, published two major books and a five-volume monograph series, and held numerous gatherings ranging from small campus seminars to major national conferences.

Through Harward’s rich legacy of work, aided by the generative collaboration among BTtoP’s scholars, staff, and community and with our partner, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the project is now in the exciting and positive planning process of transitioning into new leadership. The project’s structural flexibility, reputation in higher education, professional team, and generous support from the Endeavor Foundation enable an environment of continuity and confidence while the search for a new director is underway. To learn more about the search process for a new director, visit www.bttop.org/news/director-position-open.

BTtoP is deeply grateful for Harward’s remarkable tenure as director and for the unflagging support of the BTtoP community during this transition. BTtoP’s staff looks forward to continuing to fulfill its mission and flourish under new leadership.