October 24, 2017 | BTtoP Colleague Tricia Seifert Reframes "Student Success" In Academic Minute Feature

Tricia Seifert, Associate Professor of Adult and Higher Education at Montana State University, and author in BTtoP's recent volume Well-Being and Higher Education, addresses the drawbacks of a linear approach to student success in her featured interview with The Academic Minute. Traditionally, she argues, higher education has defined student success by two C's: completition and cash -- the completion of a high-earning degree. Seifert challenges the validity of this approach; is this linear measurement of student success too rigid? Furthermore, do students view success in these terms? 

In her interview, Seifert questions this line of thinking through student interviews: "Students want to graduate with high grades and get a good job but they also want to learn how to take risks and rise to challenges." That being said, Seifert has offered those in higher education an alternate, more holistic, means of promoting student success: the cubic model. This measurement of student success takes into account creativity, curiosity, calling, courage, career, and community. Through this approach, higher education leaders can better ensure the development of the whole student while students can extend their sense of community to society.   

To listen to Seifert's interview in full, please visit: https://academicminute.org/2017/09/tricia-seifert-montana-state-universi...

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