October 15, 2015 | Press Release

Bringing Theory to Practice Awards More Than 50 Grants for Campuses to Participate in Research and Seminars on Well-Being in Higher Education, Marking a Celebration of $10M Total in Support Extended Since 2005

Funding with Institutional Matching for the 2015-2017 Period Totals More Than $250,000 

Washington, DC—October 15, 2015—The Bringing Theory to Practice Project (BTtoP) is pleased to announce the awarding of more than fifty grants in two categories for the 2015-2017 grant period. The new grants and institutional matches total over $250,000.

To date, BTtoP has provided more than 500 campus grants during the period from 2005 to 2017. BTtoP grants have supported research and program initiatives on both public and private campuses of all Carnegie types totaling over $5 million to date, and have been matched by participating institutions with an additional $5.5 million. By the conjunction of BTtoP (and its foundation allies’) resources and the campuses themselves, the announcement of the awards today celebrates the extension of over $10 million of support for higher education institutions committed to the integration of learning, civic engagement, and the well-being of students and other campus and community constituencies.

Of the new 2015–2017 grant awards, fifteen campuses are receiving Category II Well-Being Research Grants for up to $10,000 and are joining the growing community of institutions dedicated to investigating and advancing student well-being and learning outcomes, particularly for those students traditionally underserved by higher education.

Participating Institutions:

Bard College (NY)
California State University, Fresno (CA)
Cornell University (NY)
George Mason University (VA)
Georgetown University (DC)
Grinnell College (IA)
Landmark College (VT)
Michigan State University (MI)
Oregon State University (OR)
Project Pericles (NY)
Simon Fraser University (BC, Canada)
University of Wisconsin– – Madison (WI)
Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)
Widener University (PA)
Wesleyan University (CT)

In addition to Category II Grants, BTtoP is also awarding twenty-six Category I Well-Being Seminar Grants for up to $1,000. This first round of awards (with a second round to be selected in January 2016) provides support for campus-wide planning discussions that will allow focused attention to creating and maintaining an engaged culture for learning through a particular dimension of the student or faculty well-being, such as purposefulness, resilience, belonging, identity, and flourishing. BTtoP’s hope is that these well-being Seminars will deepen participants’ understanding of the institution’s commitment to developing the policies and practices, both inside and outside the curriculum, that support the full well-being of its constituents.

To see the full list of campuses receiving funding for Seminar Grants, please visit: www.bttop.org/grants-funding/awarded-grants. For more information regarding the January 15, 2016 deadline for additional Seminar Grant opportunities, as well as updates on other BTtoP funding, please visit: www.bttop.org/grants-funding/funding-opportunities.

For more information and a full list of those receiving Grants from the Bringing Theory to Practice Project, see www.BTtoP.org.

Bringing Theory to Practice and the S. Engelhard Center are grateful for the encouragement and support of the following foundations:

Founded in 1952 by Christian A. Johnson, The Endeavor Foundation is dedicated to the life of the mind and the spirit. It has focused its attention primarily on the field of education, especially liberal arts education, which liberates the best in human imagination and action. The Foundation has also made significant contributions in the arts, projects that assist independent states in the formerly Soviet-dominated region of Central and Eastern Europe, Native American projects, and civic programs in New York City. 

The Charles Engelhard Foundation is a New York-based foundation whose mission focuses on projects in higher and secondary education, cultural, medical, religious, wildlife and conservation organizations.

For more information and a full list of those receiving grants from the Bringing Theory to Practice Project, visit www.BTtoP.org.

About the Bringing Theory to Practice Project

Bringing Theory to Practice is an independent project sponsored by the Charles Engelhard Foundation of New York City and the S. Engelhard Center and developed in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Information about the Bringing Theory to Practice Project can be found at www.BTtoP.org.

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The S. Engelhard Center is a 501c3 non-profit, public charitable foundation.  Its mission is expressed through its support of projects and initiatives that affect greater and sustained commitments by educational institutions at all levels to provide effective means of addressing the intellectual, emotional, and civic development of today's students in preparation for claiming their positive future.

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