May 14, 2018 | New Online Resource for Low-Income and First-Generation Students Created by University of Michigan Juniors

Made possible with the support of a BTtoP grant and matched by funding from the University of Michigan, the first of three, "Preparing Professors for New-Majority Students in Higher Educaton," retreats was held on May 19-20, 2016. This and subsequent retreats centered the conversation on underserved students (e.g. low-income students, first-generation students, and students of color) by featuring student voices, including, current University of Michigan junior, Lauren Schandevel, who provided insight as an incoming new-majority student.

Lauren and co-creator, Griffin St. Onge, have recently created an online guide, "Being Not-Rich", to help low-income and other undeserved students and their advisers discover affordable resources, as well as offering tips on how to navigate the campus. As cited in a recent The Chronicle of Higher Education article, Lauren addresses the need for an accessible guide: "There’s this assumption that everyone here is wealthy...Most of the resources here [The University of Michigan] are geared toward that kind of student. U of M hasn’t been able to accommodate these new students coming in who might not be the traditional, legacy, white, affluent students."  

Topics typically featured in the guide include, but are not limited to: navigating employment, acquiring health care, discovering free LSAT/GRE testing, and locating affordable housing. 

BTtoP congratulates Lauren and Griffin for taking the initiative to forge a relationship between their fellow students and advisers by providing new-majority students with a much-needed resource!

View the guide here