June 24, 2019 | Two-Year, Four-Year Partnerships

In our latest Bringing It, we asked if you were interested in developing a network of partnerships between community colleges and four-year institutions.  The response was striking: we’ve received messages from twenty institutions so far, many describing curricular and pedagogical partnerships that are well underway.  It’s clear that, even as two-year and four-year institutions are streamlining their transfer pipelines, many are also collaborating to enrich educational practices across the transfer seam.  We are excited by the possibility of a collaborative network around these issues.  So we’re extending our call.  Would you be interested in taking part in a collaboratory of such two-year, four-year partnerships?

We want to be clear that this is not a Call for Proposals for grant support: we don’t have resources as yet to support a network of two-year, four-year partnerships.  Nor do we seek to focus on the improvement of transfer processes.  Other academic researchers and advocates are better equipped than BTtoP to create models for articulation agreements, degree pathways, the reduction of credit-loss, and other “pipeline” practices.

What we envision is a network of two-year, four-year partnerships seeking to develop and disseminate models of innovative teaching and learning across the transfer seam.  Individual projects might include the co-creation of high-impact practices such as community engagement or internships, the shared design of “first-year experience” courses, inclusive pedagogy models for marginalized learners such as parents or incarcerated students, or curricula aimed at introducing students to integrative learning.  We also assume that participating faculty and staff will bring partnership projects that we haven’t imagined.

This brainstorm will be, we hope, the start of a new community of practice.  Let us know at info@bttop.org if you are interested to help create it.