June 16, 2020 | Bringing Theory to Practice Is Moving. We Hope You'll Join Us.

At the end of June, Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) will be moving to Elon University.  (Here’s the announcement, in case you missed it last week.) We are deeply grateful to our friends at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) for the comradeship and support they’ve given BTtoP.  We are excited about our new campus home at Elon. But we look forward to future work with AAC&U that advances our shared commitment to liberal learning, educational equity, civic engagement, and personal well-being for all students.

One of the greatest gifts of our partnership with AAC&U has been the opportunity to reach you. Over the years, you’ve received our Newsletter, calls for grant proposals, access to our publications, and announcements of our conferences and special events. As we get ready to move to Elon, we don’t want to lose touch with you.

So we hope you will sign up here and stay connected.

  • We will keep on sending you our triannual Bringing Theory to Practice Newsletter (beginning with a new issue in the fall).
  • You will also get our biweekly letter Bringing It, which includes posts about important work across the BTtoP community, news about our partners, and reflections on key issues, readings, and innovations in higher education.
  • You will receive information about our grant programs, including a new Call for Proposals for Multi-Institutional Innovation Grants that we will issue this summer.
  • You will get invitations to our coming webcast series, focused on purposeful, proactive responses to the current crises in higher education.
  • You can continue to visit us at www.bttop.org.  (We will be quietly redesigning our website behind the scenes.)

And one last thing. We invite you to visit the publications section of our website and download free copies of BTtoP’s books:

Please stay in touch. We want to take you with us.

With thanks,

David, Caitlin, Mercedes, and Kate

The BTtoP Team