July 5, 2018 | Evergreen State College Offers Program Supporting Holistic, Transformative Education for Adult Learners

The Bringing Theory to Practice project (BTtoP) asserts that the mission and purpose of higher education goes beyond workplace and career preparation - that learning should be transformational and contextual, and incorporate civic thinking at both the local and global levels; that students should be taught to value the public good, to embrace difference, and become social changemakers; and that educational spaces should be designed for the well-being and personal development of students of all intersectional backgrounds - including adult learners. 

BTtoP's Director, David Scobey, helped to organize a coalition of committed institutions entitled the Great Colleges for the New Majority Network, whose vision that campuses must offer "transformative and engaged learning for adult, nontraditional students... holistically engaging their work, family, and community, integrating “liberal,” “vocational,” and “practical” learning" deeply resonates with BTtoP's.

NPR recently covered the success of one of the Great Colleges Network members, The Evergreen State College's Tacoma Program, in a piece by Anya Kamenetz titled "This College For Adult Learners Is A Refuge, Not Just A Career Boost":
"In the U.S., more than 4 out of 10 undergraduate college students are above the age of 25. When people talk about these adult students, you usually hear words like 'job skills' and 'quickest path to a degree.' But for more than four decades, a special program in Washington state has sought to offer much more than that. It's called the Tacoma Program. Back in 1972, Maxine Mimms, a professor at The Evergreen State College, created a new kind of college at her kitchen table, designed to serve students who are starting over in life, and to give them access to deep, transformational learning."