July 11, 2018 | New Issue of AAC&U's Diversity & Democracy Available: Democracy's Graduates: Reimagining Alumnihood

"These contributors imagine a powerful, inclusive vision of alumnihood--one in which colleges and universities enlist alumni as allies in improving civic education and in advancing the institutions' public missions in the places where alumni are situated as professionals and community members." 

Produced in partnership with the Kettering Foundation, this issue of Diversity & Democracy examines alumni-driven civic engagement, both at the institutional level and in the community. 

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From the Editor: A New Vision of Alumnihood 
By Emily Schuster, Association of American Colleges and Universities 

Democracy's Graduates: Reimagining Alumnihood 

New Legacies for Alumnihood 
By Julie Ellison, University of Michigan and Citizen Alum  

Building It Forward at Community Colleges: Staying Connected to Alumni through Civic Engagement
By John J. Theis, Lone Star College–Kingwood

By Linda S. Good, Lone Star College 
By Mark Wilson and Nan Fairley, Auburn University
By Marian Royston, Auburn University

Processing Trauma as an Activist Alumna: A Conversation with Mica Grimm
By Peter Erkkila, Community Organizer

By Nini Poore, University of Michigan
Research and Evaluation

Civic Identity and Agency after College: Alumni Voices from Three Academic Civic Engagement Programs
By Richard M. Battistoni, Providence College, and Tania D. Mitchell, University of Minnesota

By Jill J. McMillan, Katy J. Harriger, Christy M. Buchanan, and Stephanie K. Gusler, Wake Forest University 
Campus Practice

The Legacy of an Anchor Institution: Reclaiming the University of Newark
By Quintus R. Jett, Rutgers University–Newark 

By LeeAnn Lands, Kristen Walker, and Christine DeBord, Kennesaw State University 
By Danielle Hinrichs, Metropolitan State University 
By George J. Sanchez, University of Southern California