February 3, 2017 | BTtoP featured in Georgetown University's Newspaper Health and Wellness Issues

BTtoP is honored to be featured in Georgetown University's student-run newspaper The Hoya for their special Health and Wellness Issue. The article, titled "The Engelhard Project: Healthy Learning, Healthy Living: Reflection in the Classroom" details BTtoP's over-a-decade long relationship with Georgetown and particularly the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) in launching the Engelhard project, named after BTtoP co-founder Sally Engelhard Pingree.

“The project was built from a model of teaching that a few faculty at Georgetown were already using. It consists in being very intentional about bringing students’ interests, needs and lived experiences into the coursework and animating it,” CNDLS Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives and Outreach Joselyn Schultz said. “When you’re trying to connect your material to your students, it’s important to pay attention to who your students are, what they care about, and what’s going on with them.”

Originally envisioned as an academic initiative, the Engelhard Project has progressed into a remarkably wide embodiment of Georgetown’s belief in cura personalis, or care for the entire person. Its closer connection to mental health and wellness issues came from the grant awarded to the initiative by the Bringing Theory to Practice Project. Founded in 2003, BTtoP works to “advance civic education, engaged learning, and the well-being of individual students” through a series of contributions to different colleges and universities.

“The people at BTtoP were interested specifically in well-being issues, and that turned out to be a really great focus point for us,” Schultz said. “Especially because the frame of well-being really allows for it to be anything that is going on with students related to how they’re doing, while also tying it to something Georgetown has been good at for a long time, which is the safety net and the student resources provided here.”
“The Engelhard Project embeds wellness topics into courses across all academic disciplines on campus,” Associate professor and CNDLS Senior Scholar Joan Riley said. “It changes the classroom conversation, enabling students to apply course material to their lived experiences. Learning becomes more meaningful and engaging.”


Read the full article here: http://www.thehoya.com/the-engelhard-project/