2017 AAC&U Annual Meeting: BTtoP Sessions

Thursday, January 26, 2017 - 2:45pm to Friday, January 27, 2017 - 11:45am

BTtoP is honored to be participating in the Association of American Colleges and Universities' 2017 Annual Meeting: "Building Public Trust in the Promise of Liberal Education and Inclusive Excellence."

This year, BTtoP will be offering four sessions, as well as hosting our annual reception, where we hope to be able to see old friends and welcome new ones to join us!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

2:45 – 4:00 pm, Bayview Room A: Risk Taking, Freedom, Safety, and Well-Being: Dimensions of an Engaged Campus Culture

This session will explore how, in a time of increasing divisiveness, institutions can address trigger warnings, foster spaces of creative safety, respond to gun violence, maintain commitment to the well-being of intersectional students, support progressive activism—and yet remain uniquely positioned environments of higher learning with the duty to challenge preconceived ideas and uphold open dialogue and intellectual risk. As higher education can be open and welcome belonging, it has the inseparable responsibility to look beyond the immediate to the longer term promise it makes to students and to a democratic society—to link opportunities for individual liberation, identity, and meaning to its unique role to challenge ignorance and intolerance; to put at risk finding agreement, if the casualty is truth or social justice; to being contrarian, if convention and power offer to replace learning with training and indoctrination; and to recognize that if self-interest is divorced from a commitment to the common good, that the hope of democracy is replaced with the fear of tyranny.

Moderator: Barry Schwartz
Panelists: Jonathan Metzl and Mona Phillips

4:15 - 5:30 pm, Bayview Room A: Reimagining Higher Education for the New Majority

More traditionally underrepresented students—such as first‐generation, low‐income, non-traditional age, and minority students of color are on campuses than ever before. Despite the unique strengths and the valuable experience and perspective they bring, these students struggle when they encounter inequalities and prejudice on campus, unfamiliar systems, difficulties in finding professors responsive to them, and overt political racism. Such conditions are the antithesis of ones in a campus culture which fosters well-being. While some institutions recognize the importance of well-being for these students, and genuinely want them to flourish, they often respond with bridging programs which seek to help ease students’ transition. While well-meaning, such programs may serve to hinder that which they wish to promote by identifying these students as “other.” We need to reimagine a higher education wherein immersive programs, pedagogies, and campus cultures that value and embrace first generation, students of color, adult learners, and other emerging scholars are the expected norm.

Moderator: Barry Checkoway
Panelists: Adriana Aldana, Chad Berry, and David Scobey

5:30 - 7:00 pm, Bayview Foyer A: BTtoP Reception

Please join us for snacks, drinks, and conversation! We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new colleagues.

Friday, January 27, 2017

8:45 - 10:00 am, Bayview Room A: The Whole Student: Intersectionality and Well-Being

BTtoP asserts that one of the fundamental purposes of higher education is the personal growth and realization (the well-being) of all its stakeholders, including faculty and staff, and particularly students. Through deep engagement in learning, civic experiences, and diverse discourse, higher education provides the unique opportunity for students to realize their full potential and to flourish. At a time of increasing diversity, complexity and change within higher education, as well as political discord, exploring intersectionality as a framework for understanding the whole student is not just illuminating, but practically relevant. Serving as a precursor to the BTtoP May 2017 National Conference of the same title, this session will seek examine how institutional values and campus cultures acknowledge or contextualize the intersections of student identity and lived experiences, support them, and challenge them – fostering the development of the “whole student” through the exploration of the very elements that make students whole.

Moderator: Lee Knefelkamp
Panelists: Leeva Chung, Janie Ward

10:30 - 11:45 am, Bayview Room A: BTtoP Campus Projects: Well-Being, Civic Engagement, and Student Agency

BTtoP is proud to have contributed grant funding to over 500 projects on over 300 institutions of higher education across the world. In 2015, fifteen institutions were awarded $10,000 grants to implement and assess a campus-based two-year research project that would give focused attention to the well-being of students, particularly those traditionally underserved by higher education. The goal was for these unique projects to, through the gathering of evidence, provide justification for best practices for deepening and sustaining the institution’s commitment to whole-person realization – including how these practices were connected to student civic engagement and agency. This session will feature three of those BTtoP campus grantees from Landmark College, Grinnell College, and George Mason University, as well as data from BTtoP’s National Evaluator Ashley Finley, to discuss adaptable and adoptable examples and practices that foster civic engagement, student agency, and well-being in higher education.

Moderator: Ashley Finley
Panelists: Julie Owen, Joyce Stern, Patrick Connelly


To learn more about the sessions, speakers, travel information, and how to register for the AAC&U Annual Meeting, visit: https://www.aacu.org/meetings/annualmeeting/am17

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