August 8, 2019 | Special Offer: Free Publications

Special Offer: Free Publications

Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) is pleased to announce a special offer on our publications! We’ve received such a positive response to our recent RFPs, and to our bi-weekly Bringing It messages, and we want to thank our community as we prepare for future offerings. So for a limited time, we are making our six books, designed for use by educators, administrators, and higher education professionals, available for free through our partners at the Association of American Colleges and Universities—you pay shipping costs only. This offer includes bulk orders for those who would like to order multiple copies for distribution to committees, faculty members, and/or community members.


To read descriptions of each book and order your free hard copies, see below.

Well-Being and Higher Education

Our most recent volume, Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education’s Greater Purposes, explores the multiple connections of well-being to higher education—and why those connections matter for students, educators, and educational institutions. This volume includes 35 essays on such topics as conceptual models of well-being, its significance for academic policy and practice, its connections to democratic education, the needs of nontraditional and historically underrepresented students, and more.


Original Price: $25.00 for hard copy, $15.00 for eBook


To order free hard copies of Well-Being and Higher Education
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The Civic Series is a 5-volume set of monographs that raise provocative questions and provide diverse perspectives on fundamental issues about the civic mission of higher education.

Civic Provocations

Civic Provocations features accessible, brief essays—provocations—that center attention on the meaning of civic engagement. The provocations are written by leading scholars and practitioners, and they engage such issues as action research, civic pedagogy, and civility.


Original Price: $10.00


To order free copies of Civic Provocations, click here.

Civic Learning and Teaching

Civic Learning and Teaching contributes to an understanding of why civic engagement in higher education matters, both inside and outside the classroom, for teachers, students, and community members. This monograph explores various approaches to civic learning and teaching across the curriculum, through intergroup dialogue, for research, and in community partnerships.


Original Price: $10.00


To order free copies of Civic Learning and Teaching, click here.

Civic Engagement, Civic Development, and Higher Education

Civic Engagement, Civic Development, and Higher Educationprovides perspectives of institutional leaders who are inspired rather than discouraged by the present challenges of civic renewal and higher education. The authors are drawn from all sectors of higher education. Some consider initiatives which enhance educational excellence at the institutional level, where others emphasize their work with faculty members, curricula, or communities.


Original Price: $10.00


To order free copies of Civic Engagement, Civic Development, and Higher Education, click here.

Civic Studies

Civic Studies explores the emerging academic field of civic studies, including theoretical essays, empirical research, and reflections about civic practice. The chapters discuss the significance of scholars and theorists such as Elinor Ostrom and Jurgen Habermas and civic practitioners and activists like Saul Alinsky and Marshall Ganz. This volume also examines various approaches to civic studies like deliberative democracy and participatory action research.


Original Price: $10.00


To order free copies of Civic Studies, click here.

Civic Values, Civic Practices

Civic Values, Civic Practices explores fresh dimensions of civic values and practices, from shared bases of civic engagement in a world of increasing difference, to championing individual liberty while addressing major social concerns such as gun violence, to the possibilities for global civics. This volume argues for more focus on the centrality of civic values and practices in both the campus and the community.


Original Price: $10.00


To order free copies of Civic Values, Civic Practices, click here.

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