August 27, 2018 | Call for Ideas and Feedback: A Survey from Bringing Theory to Practice

Dear friends of BTtoP,
Two weeks ago, I sent you a “Call to Community”—my first communication as Director of Bringing Theory to Practice.  That message reflected on our project’s accomplishments over its first 15 years and offered thoughts and hopes about our next chapter of work.  It noted that BTtoP’s transition coincides with a moment of tumultuous change in higher education, a moment in which our voice and values have never been more urgently needed.  And it suggested that our ongoing success will depend on building our remarkable network of educators and innovators into a community of practice: one that can work collaboratively to distill and disseminate best practices and to influence the national conversation about the future of higher education.  Many of you responded with excitement, support, and rich ideas.  Let me thank you—and ask you now for more.
That first message promised we would follow up with a survey to get your thoughts and suggestions about BTtoP’s mission, past work, and future priorities.  Here it is, courtesy of Survey Monkey.  The link will take you to a set of six prompts with response boxes.  Please answer each of them as you think best: in detail, in brief, or not at all.  All reflections, suggestions, questions, and critiques are welcome.
Your responses will provide us with more than simply an opinion survey.  They will help to set a framework for action, informing the discussions of the staff, the Advisory Board, and participants across the BTtoP network, as we collectively define priorities, strategies, and themes for the next chapter of the project.  We look forward to your thoughts and—I hope—your ongoing participation.
David Scobey
Director, Bringing Theory to Practice