April 17, 2017 | Article by BTtoP's Ashley Finley featured in new volume "College Teaching and Learning for Change: Students and Faculty Speak Out"

Originally published in Change Magazine, BTtoP National Evaluator and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Dominican Experience at Dominican University of California Ashley Finley's article "Well-Being: An Essential Outcome for Higher Education"  has been republished as a chapter in the new Routledge volume College Teaching and Learning for Change: Students and Faculty Speak Out

About the Article

"For over a decade, the national Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) project has promoted the idea that well-being is an essential outcome of college students' learning and civic engagement. The project emphasizes the full promise of a liberal education: to be liberally educated is to possess the complex skills and abilities necessary for navigating an ever-changing, highly diverse global world. A liberal education includes not only intellectual skills - it also includes the personal capacities that help students to flourish in their lives and future careers. The expectation is that a liberal education should enable all students to understand their civic responsibilities and to connect to others on campus and in local, national, and global communities. Through this civic commitment and shared understanding, students will not only find joy in learning - they will gain a larger sense of who they are and the value of their contributions within and across communities. By providing modest funding, BTtoP supports campus programs and practices connecting students' learning and civic efforts in engaged-learning practices - such as learning communities, first-year seminars, and service-learning courses - to outcomes related to their personal growth and well-being. This article provides specific examples of programs funded through the BTtoP Well-Being Initiative. These programs exemplify the campuses' commitment to a liberal education that links well being with the institutional mission, resource allocation for sustained programmatic development, and faculty and staff engagement." (From: https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ1102250) 

About the Volume

"Students and faculty come together in this powerful collection to discuss experiences and teaching practices that can change students’ lives. Organized into four parts, these first-person accounts explore the many challenges facing college students, offering advice on how to best serve low-income, first-generation, underrepresented student populations; how to foster political engagement; and how to help students take charge of their lives and education. The stories in College Teaching and Learning for Change provide higher education faculty and student affairs practitioners with an increased understanding of the wide variety of student experiences, and together they constitute a platform for encouraging student success."

Teaching and Learning for Change is available for purchase as a hardcover, paperback, and ebook here.

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