Dear friends of BTtoP,

Welcome to the first number of “Bringing It,” our new, biweekly letter to the BTtoP community. You may have noticed that since the summer, we’ve been sending you regular communications: David’s “call to community,” the announcement of our Advisory Board, a notice honoring our late friend and colleague Lee Knefelkamp, and the Survey Monkey questionnaire. (By the way, nearly fifty of you filled out the feedback survey, for which many thanks; click here to add your voice.)

We at Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) honor and offer tribute to L. Lee Knefelkamp, whose sudden passing last week we grieve. She extended to friends, to the whole of higher education, and to the multitude of her students and colleagues offerings of wisdom, insight, humility, leadership, humor and practiced integrity. As recipients, we in turn treasured her. She contributed to all of us, and brought joy in doing so.

Bringing Theory to Practice was featured in the American Council on Education's blog, Higher Education Today, for its work on the well-being and flourishing of students.  


Caitlin Salins, Executive Project Manager and Secretary to the Board, 
Bringing Theory to Practice

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In a recent article, “It Can Happen Here,” in the New York Review of Books, Cass R. Sunstein explores three authors’ depictions of fascist Germany:
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Looking for concise, evidence-based recommendations to raise student voting levels, improve campus climates for political learning, and increase constructive engagement across differences? Be sure to read Election Imperatives, which is full of resources and campus examples. 
Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) is honored to be featured in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities’ Mental Well-Being and Illness Issue of their publication, Conversations On Jesuit Higher Education. The article, titled "Well-being in the Curriculum” addresses BTtoP's over-a-decade long relationship with Georgetown and particularly the Engelhard Project, named after BTtoP co-founder Sally Engelhard Pingree.