Program Development, Program Start-Up, and Program Initiative, and Research Project Grants

Program Development, Program Start-Up, and Program Initiative, and Research Project Grants Under BTtoP Funding Periods

Under the 2015-2017 RFP, Well-Being Research Grants of up to $10,000, plus institutional matching, were available for campuses to implement and assess a two-year research project that gives focused attention to the well-being of students, and particularly to those students traditionally underserved by higher education. Projects will, through the gathering of evidence, provide justification for the best practices for deepening and sustaining the institution's commitment to whole-person development. Of the new 2015-2017 grant awards, fifteen campuses were chosen as awardees to join the growing community of institutions dedicated to investigating and advancing student well-being and learning outcomes. For a full list of those instutitions awarded BTtoP grants for the 2015-2017 funding period, please click here.

Under the 2012-2014 RFP, Program Development Grants up to $10,000 were available for institutions to enhance or extend a program which is consistent with BTtoP's objectives. Institutional matching support was required. Grants may be renewable. For a full list of those institutions awarded BTtoP grants during the 2012-2014 funding period, please click here.

Under the 2010-2012 RFP, BTtoP awarded grants of up to $10,000 to proposals that emphasize either gains from the relationship between college students' civic development and their psychosocial well-being or the ability to evaluate institutional sustainability of initiatives that address the increasing opportunities for students to have transformative education experiences and for institutions to transform priorities and practices so as to make experiences both expected and provided. For a full list of those institutions awarded BTtoP grants during the 2010-2012 funding period, please click here.

Under the 2004-2010 RFP's, BTtoP awarded grants of up to $10,000 for campus initiatives addressing student substance abuse and depression through engaged forms of learning.

The table below lists all previously awarded BTtoP Category 2 grants from 2004-2015.


Institutionsort ascending Project Title Funding Period
Developing a Blueprint for Student Transformation by Fostering Connections between Global Learning, Civic Engagement and Psychosocial Well-Being
Georgetown University Flourishing Project Well-Being Research
George Mason University's THRIVING TOGETHER: Leveraging Well-Being and Civic Engagement as Pathways to Flourishing for First-Generation College Students
The Impact of Service-Learning on First Semester College Students
Responsible Global Citizenship
Advancing Civic Engagement and Cultural Competence: Using ePortfolios to Assess the VALUE of Student Learning
Calling, Career, and Civic Development (CCCD): Creating a Semester-Long Experience at Elizabethtown College
Service-Learning & Study Abroad-Researching the Effects Engaged Learning and Alcohol Use
Service-Learning and the Development and Research of Protective Factors with Alcohol Use
Duquesne University Bringing Theory to Practice Program Development Grant
The Moxie Project
Building Institutional Capacity to Serve Drew University's Civic Mission: Civic Leadership Certificate Program and e-Portfolios
Including Community: Student Development through Civic Engagement
Engaged Learning, Student Well-Being, and Student Civic Development
Engaging Ethics: Integrating Clinical Praxis and Moral Theory via Service-Learning and Reflection
Community Psychology: Linking Individuals and Communities
Faculty Institute on Engaged Learning and Civic Engagement: Transforming Faculty Perspectives and Building Engaged Courses
Cornell University: Creating Community Around Connections Between Student Well-Being, Performance, and Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies in the Classroom
Embodying Knowledge
Health and Human Performance Pilot Program
The Curriculum Centered Strategic Plan: Creating Advocates, Analysts and Change Agents
Enriched Theory, New Practices-Revising General Education at California State University, Monterey Bay
Exploring the development of empathy through a poverty simulation in a social justice pathway
Civic Identity and Student Well-being: renewing the purposes of a liberal education
California State University Fresno: The Hope Intervention