What matching funds does BTtoP require?

With the exception of honorarium awards for public writing—which entail no institutional match—all AMP Grants require a 1:1 matching commitment from the proposing institution(s).  That match may come as cash support (for instance, stipends for research assistants or the purchase of project-related equipment) or as in-kind support (such as a dedicated fraction of a participant's salary).  The grantee may make the match fully as cash, fully as in-kind or any combination of them.  In-kind matches must be itemized in the project budget; we do not accept the institution's general waiving of indirect cost rates as the fulfillment of an in-kind match.

If the proposal involves more than one institutional partner, the matching contributions (both monetary and in-kind) may be shared unequally by the partners or fully borne by one partner.  The proposal budget should clearly describe the source of matching contributions.