What grant reporting is required?

For their formal grant reporting requirement, awarded Campus Dialogue grantees will be invited and expected to participate as authors on a campus dialogue grant WordPress site: https://bttopcampusdialoguegrants.wordpress.com/.


Through the WordPress forum, BTtoP hopes to encourage a transparent and collaborative community of practice, as well as to foster relationships among our grantees. The site will be the medium through principal investigators (PI’s) will be required to author at least three brief but formal post updates throughout their grant period, responding to prompted questions that will provoke qualitative reflection as well as quantitative data. While PI’s will only be able to edit their own posts, all of the posts will be viewable to all of the PI’s—and the greater BTtoP community. The WordPress link will be posted on BTtoP’s main website.


In addition to the required report posts, BTtoP welcomes the open sharing of ideas between grant PI’s. Our hope is that as opposed to a typical standard grant reporting form, the WordPress site will offer a more conversational and progressive medium where a variety of formats of resources (e.g. videos, links, images, text) can be openly and accessibly shared among PIs and with the BTtoP community, for the benefit of all involved. 


BTtoP will also request a final formal budget report sent separately, due by March 9, 2018. Budgetary and financial information will not be made public or posted on the WordPress site.