Demonstration Site Grants

The Demonstration Site Program was a major effort by BTtoP to study the relationship between engaged learning, civic development and the mental and overall well-being of students. The Program's first round of funding was 2005-2007, during which seven institutions were awarded Demonstration Site grants. In May, 2007, BTtoP awarded four more Demonstration Site grants under the 2007-2010 funding period of $90,000 each for two-year projects. In March, 2010 BTtoP awarded six more institutions under the 2010-2012 funding period, representing over $1,000,000 in matching grants. In the 2012-2014 round, three final institutions were funded. See the table below to learn more about these grant projects. 


Institution Project Title Funding Periodsort descending
Brooklyn_s Public Scholars: Civic research & the Community-engaged campus
Moving the Needle: The Impact of Online and Residentially-based Foundations for Student-Community Engagement on Psychosocial Flourishing
Community Engagement for Diversity and Inclusion Excellence (CEDIE)
Sub-Identifying and Assessing the Relationships Between Models of Experiential Learning/Civic Engagement, Student Psycho-Social Well-Being and Persistence toward Graduation
Critical Paths to Sustained Engagement: Inquiry, Integration, and Outreach
Ventures in Praxis: The Otterbein Five Cardinal Experiences
The Bridge to the Future: Building on SUNY Cortland's History of Engagement to Institutionalize High Impact Learning Practices for Transformational Change
A Campus Culture for Civic Engagement and Psychosocial Well-Being: Program Development and a Longitudinal Study
A Civic Engagement Certificate: Promoting Life-Long Habits of Civic Engagement and Student Psychosocial Well-being at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Identity, Community and Belonging: Engaged Learning & Engaged Living for Mental Health: A Demonstration Project
Student Impact Assessment of Engaged Learning Initiatives
Sophomore Year at Emory Living and Learning Experience: An Interdisciplinary Seminar Course/Internship in Addiction and Depression
Connecting the Safety Net to the Heart of the Academic Environment: Curriculum Infusion of Mental Health Issues into Lower Division Courses
SHARED (Students Helping and Receiving Educational Development Experiences) Experiences
The St. Lawrence University Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership: Creating Opportunities for Agency and Intentionality in Student Learning Experiences
SAGE (Self-Assess, Grow, Educate) Options
Forming Democratic Citizens for the 21st Century
Extended Assessment of Engaged Learning Initiatives
Expanding Capacity for Engaged Learning across Montclair State University: Building academic, personal, and civic development through a Service Leadership Program
The Residential College Program: Preparing for Life After Art School Now