Wofford College: Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

One primary theme that has emerged is that efforts towards increased communication and collaboration among different areas of campus will facilitate student learning and psychosocial well‐being. This occurs by enhancing both what we can offer to students and how well the faculty and staff who interact with students are able to maintain their own ability to create sustainable structures for learning. During the time that we have been working on this grant, Wofford has undergone enormous changes, especially in terms of administrative structure and campus‐wide initiatives. These changes, outlined in the interim report, have included the appointment of a new President and Provost; a Strategic Visioning process; and initiatives to enhance faculty governance and examine our General Education program.   This grant has allowed us to examine several areas of Wofford curricular and co‐curricular life in ways that will feed into our thinking about Strategic Vision implementation and our discussions about General Education reform.   Because we are in the midst of multiple mission‐centered discussions on campus, we feel confident that the results of our work will not end with the completion of this grant.

Primary Investigators: Trina Janiec Jones, Assoc. Provost for Curriculum and Co‐Curriculum and Assoc. Prof. of Religion, joneskj@wofford.edu

Full Final Report