Wartburg College Planning Grant

Leadership Coalition

Wartburg College is a Leadership Coalition Institution. "Wartburg College aspires to engage faculty and Student Life staff as full partners in the educational process to maximize student learning outcomes. This partnership assists students to: (1) develop and apply critical thinking skills to their lives in the residence halls, student organizations, and in personal decision-making; and (2) bring co-curricular experiences into the classroom for discussion and analysis and (3) support academic success. Wartburg_s efforts center on creating a more intentional connection between the Academic Affairs and Student Life areas. The respective Vice President_s of Academic Affairs and Student Life planned joint workshops for faculty and staff. The faculty of the first year seminar met with Student Life staff in a day long retreat and continued to meet periodically over the last year. Student Life staff were provided copies of key texts of the first year seminar. Resident assistants were trained in supporting academic success and referring to academic support services. Other faculty workshops incorporated elements of common concern to Student Life staff and to faculty, such as a workshop by George Kuh on high impact learning experiences that both groups attended. Academic resource centers were added to first year halls and Residence Life staff intentionally worked with students who were deemed high risk. Preliminary assessments of the academic support efforts by Residence Life staff suggest a strong positive retention effect. Wartburg College fully expects to continue this collaboration between faculty and Student Life staff and recognizes that our students will benefit from this enhanced communication and collaboration."