Types and Conditiosn of Service Learning: Associations with Civic Responsibility, Sefl Efficacy, and Wellbeing

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Drawing on the capacity and current assessment strategies of the WSU Center for Civic Engagement, this project will involve an analysis of data collected in surveys of students participating in community service and service learning. Survey data were/will be collected across four semesters and include data from over 950 students. Measures include learning outcomes of civic knowledge/ responsibility and self awareness/ efficacy as well as a variety of forms and conditions of community service. We base our work on social-behavioral models that view civic engagement activities as protective factors for well-being (Jensen & Fraser, 2011), and recognize the importance of programmatic factors (peer mentoring, reflective exercises, project development, etc.) in enhancing the protective value of engagement experiences (Balsano, 2005). We hypothesize that measured variations in programmatic experiences will predict differences in the protective outcomes of self awareness/ efficacy, and civic knowledge/ responsibility. We can utilize these analyses to define the most effective programmatic activities with regard to outcomes, and focus future efforts on those activities."