Sub-Identifying and Assessing the Relationships Between Models of Experiential Learning/Civic Engagement, Student Psycho-Social Well-Being and Persistence toward Graduation

Category 3: Demonstration Site Grant

"Wagner College_s project focused on the relationships of experiential learning models to student well-being. The research showed that service learning and student well-being are positively related: <ul> <li>Students in LCs with service learning reported higher levels of social, emotional, and psychological well-being than students in LCs with field trips. <li> Students engaged in service learning had higher levels of _faculty-student-site connection_ and higher _experiential learning connection to the RFT_ than students primarily engaged in field trips. Quality service learning experiences reflected a balanced reciprocal relationship between the students, faculty members, and community partners. </ul> <p> Taken together, the ways that faculty members communicated with the community site(s), the ways that students were oriented to the site(s), and the extent to which faculty members accompanied students to the site(s) predicted higher levels of student well-being."</p>