Spelman College: Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

The Total Well-Being Course assisted students with learning lifelong skills to support a healthier lifestyle through critical evaluation and exploration of wellness, well-being and flourishing concepts. This 10-week series targeted a group of 21 sophomores, juniors and seniors with the goal of exploring identity development, discovering meaning and purpose, finding balance, ethical well-being, relationships and interpersonal skills, healthy lifestyles, and learning how to flourish in times of change and adversity. The goals of the program were as follows:

  • Self-Awareness: Learning how to be reflective and accountable for well-being and personal development
  • Self-Care: Recognizing personal, social and academic pressures and being able to manage personal health and well-being (lifestyle, diet, exercise, relaxation, relationships, stress, substance abuse, etc.)
  • Motivation: Understand and manage life motivation factors
  • Commitment : Managing personal standards of excellence and behaviors that impact student development, growth and professional presentation

Primary Investigators: Kimberly Ferguson, formerly Dean of Students at Spelman, currently Vice President and Dean of Students at Allegheny: kferguson@allegheny.edu

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