Social and Civic Development through Engaged Scholarship: Building Capacity and Assessing Outcomes

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"We developed a pilot survey and used it at the end of summer and autumn quarters in 2010. We had planned to revise the survey based on initial analysis of the data collected. Through our analysis and discussion as a team, we determined we need input from those who we plan to survey, not just the completed survey data to inform our survey revisions. We have learned that students are generally satisfied with their community-based learning experiences and find cbl experiences contribute to their learning. However, we were after more specific information related to transformative experiences, and are revising our student survey. We have scheduled a focus group to attempt to get input from students, faculty, staff, and community partners that we can use to inform our revisions to the student survey and in the development of future focus group protocols. Two components of this project have already provided benefits to the UWB team developing the assessment system. First, the process of working on the assessment project as a team has been valuable as professional development."