The Ripple Effect: A Thematic Interdisciplinary Design for Engaged Learning and Community Involvement

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"We believe that information, converted into action, followed by structured critical reflection, can lead to a ripple effect ultimately bringing about social change. Purpose The greater vision of this partnership is to provide educative experiences that when combined with critical reflection and relevant academic content will prepare students to identify what they truly love about the world (Hermann Hesse) and ultimately be the change they want to see in it (Mohandas Gandhi). Ultimately, this grant proposal aims to _seed change_ and cultivate it, virtually supplying the venture capital to help Western Carolina University (WCU) move the proposed project forward in a way that is robust, dynamic, and ultimately sustainable (Klein, 2010, p. 92). The funds from the BTtP grant will enable WCU to build upon successful frameworks and move forward with innovations that are currently beyond our scope of practice."