The Residential College Program: Preparing for Life After Art School Now

Category 3: Demonstration Site Grant

"Purpose: Bring together faculty, staff, students, and alumni to provide a holistic experience for first-year students that will introduce them to concepts of well-being, enhance their engagement within an urban community of artists and designers, and improve student retention and graduation rates

How: 1) Weekly time dedicated in each Research Studio class for faculty, staff, and visiting artists to address topics such as well-being, career advising, and alumni connections; 2) Bi-weekly colloquia in which all 60 RCP students come together to create community, explore School resources, and engage in out-of-class encounters with senior faculty, alumni, and visiting artists; 3) A living experience in which faculty, staff, administrators, and peers meet students in their residence hall to share resources and create connections through informal dinners and formal programs; 4) One-on-one advising with the School's dedicated team of academic and career advisors to create individualized four-year plans to prepare each student for "life after art school".