A Place to Flourish: Researching the Wellesley Culture to Promote Well-Being, Academic Engagement, and Civic Development

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"The BTtoP funding not only enables Wellesley College to gain a richer understanding of wellness, civic engagement and academic engagement, but also provides us with clear definitions for wellness and civic engagement, articulated learning outcomes and assessment tools. Our initial research and findings on wellness helped inform a proposal for a shadow-graded first semester for first-year students and a planning initiative to refine and reshape wellness as a core value at the College. To inform our work with students in and beyond the classroom, we hired a consultant on the theme of campus thriving to review national research and identify practical applications for this framework. After engaging almost 100 students, faculty, and administrators in this consultation, we have many suggestions for future initiatives. As a NASPA Lead Institution for Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement, Wellesley also launched a cross-constituency team to focus on data, learning outcomes and assessment."