Pitzer College: Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

Category 1: Seminar Grant

These grants were vital in provoking (a) the most radical shift in the Pitzer curriculum since the late 1980s and (b) a new model for first year student mentorship. Both of these changes will be implemented starting with the admission of the entering class next month. 

The Seminar Grant was utilized to sponsor campus-wide meetings by the Task Force on Educational Objectives in fall 2013 and spring 2014. These deliberations resulted in a 34-page report which recommended a 2-course Social Justice requirement (one theory, one praxis), and a 2-course Intercultural Understanding requirement (one local, one global). The Task Force developed a detailed set of course/program requirements for curriculum addressing these requirements and a detailed set of student learning objectives for students completing these requirements. These proposals, the most radical change in the Pitzer curriculum since the late 1980s, were approved through Pitzer’s governance process (two faculty meetings and two College Councils) without a single no vote. The new requirements and attendant course criteria and SLOs are in our catalog and go into effect for the class entering in fall 2015. 

The Civic Engagement and Psychosocial Well-Being Grant supported a pilot projects for half of the First Year students in fall 2013 and fall 2014 who were to be ‘fast-tracked’ into civic engagement both locally and globally, as well as being mentored by faculty teaching their first-year seminar [FYS-GLMP]. There was also to be an explicit focus on student psychosocial well-being. A series of five Psycho-Social WellBeing student workshops were held from February 2014 to April 2014. In spring semester 2015 Prof. Tessa Hicks and Student Affairs VP Brian Carlisle taught a specially designed half course on psychosocial wellbeing for sophomore students who had participated in the GLMP as first years in 2013-14.

Primary Investigators: Nigel Boyle, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty: Dean_Faculty@pitzer.edu

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