Next Steps: Building Institutional Capacity for the Civic Minor in Urban Youth and Communities

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"UNC Charlotte seeks support for the implementation of a new interdisciplinary civic minor, Urban Youth and Communities. The minor is focused on civic engagement and service learning and is open to all majors who seek to explore the strengths, capabilities, and issues of youth and communities in urban settings. We are seeking support to strengthen the new minor_s ability to attract students, have a stronger impact on the students_ experience while enrolled in the minor, and build a broader base of faculty committed to teaching in the minor and prepared to offer courses that promote true civic engagement through community-based experiences. Specifically, we propose to offer faculty stipends for course redesign to enhance and deepen civic engagement and service learning elements within elective courses in the minor and funding for community-based, student research projects in the capstone course. These enhancements will result in better evaluation outcomes facilitating sustaining support."