The Moxie Project

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"The Moxie Project is a co-curricular civic engagement program that combines intellectually rigorous study with a service learning experience, specifically for a community of women undergraduates. The structured yearlong endeavor combines spring semester classroom study, a summer internship, and a fall capstone seminar framed around the implementation of a social action project. Drawing on rich scholarship in history, ethics, gender studies and public policy, students will gain a thorough understanding of how their own efforts to exercise leadership and create social change fit into the long history of women_s activism. They will gain professional experiences and skills, apply theoretical knowledge, and test the waters of the public policy world--all of which will aid them in re-constructing leadership and agency for themselves. By actively engaging in the challenges of enacting social change through this guided living and learning community, students are expected to exhibit positive mental health outcomes and personal growth and development."