Michigan State University: Rethinking Communication Channels and Patterns to Promote Well-Being Among International and First-Generation Students and Their Major Support Units on Campus

Category 1: Seminar Grant

Category 1: Well-Being Seminar Grant

This seminar brings together members of the Michigan State University community from across residential education, student life, Office of Institutional Equity, Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions, Office for International Students and Scholars, and academic units involved in supporting the transition to higher education for historically underserved students on our campus. We use Keyes social dimensions of flourishing to 1) identify gaps in support systems for international students’ and first-generation students’ well-being and 2) design more effective communication practices across units to fill these gaps. This will include exploring both the ways leaders across units can communicate more effectively and ways to help students move more easily across units. We will also create a plan for securing funding for future research aimed at creating institutionally feasible change to enhance successful transitions for these groups of students.