Kutztown University of Pennsylvania: Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant

The Mission of Kutztown University is to prepare students to meet lifelong intellectual, ethical, social and career challenges.
Kutztown University initiated a four-part project that is intended to: Create an institutional understanding of well-being; Develop a systemic mechanism that will allow students greater engagement opportunities in both academic and non-academic (including campus governance) systems; Create opportunities to develop informal connections among individuals from various campus constituencies; Create an input system where students can identify and seek resolution to situations in their collegiate experience; and Present the topic of well-being through HEA 102-070 Introduction to Health and Wellness.
For Kutztown University to address the psychosocial development and well-being of students, the project first addressed the well-being of the university.

Primary Investigators: Robert T. Watrous, Associate Provost and Dean of Students: Watrous@kutztown.edu

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