Including Community: Student Development through Civic Engagement

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Drew University seeks to strengthen and redefine the liberal arts tradition by connecting classroom-based learning in the disciplines with knowledge-based action in the world. Our goal is to create civic engagement courses and activities that increase student civic development and learning, while also providing clear benefit to community partners and the larger society. The Center for Civic Engagement_s project team designed assessment strategies that foreground the relationship between community-based learning activities and community benefit, using both logic model methodology and traditional survey and focus-group techniques. The logic model as a planning tool enabled clear definition of short, medium, and long-term outcomes for major constituencies. These outcomes guided the development of a multi-method approach to creating baseline measures related to the Center for Civic Engagement_s goals using surveying, focus group and in-depth interviewing techniques. Through this triangulated approach, we gathered data with a high degree of validity and analytic depth, enabling evidence-based decision-making and program development."