Exploring the development of empathy through a poverty simulation in a social justice pathway

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"The purpose of this project is to explore the development of empathy through a poverty simulation that is embedded within a themed General Education (GE) pathway at California State University (CSU), Chico. This project builds on a successful pilot project entitled Teaching & Learning about Poverty, which focused on the impact of a simulation experience of poverty with three different cohorts of students. Data from this pilot project suggest that students develop a sense of empathy immediately following the simulation. What remains to be evaluated is the retention and utility of this empathy over time. In this project, the facilitators of Teaching & Learning about Poverty will work with the multidisciplinary team of faculty teaching in the GE pathway to explore the effects of empathy, as measured through authentic, course-embedded measures, on student learning outcomes and overall psychosocial well-being."