The Evergreen State College Planning Grant

Leadership Coalition

The Evergreen State College is a Leadership Coalition Institution. "The overarching theme of Evergreen_s proposal was to create _convening moments_ for the campus community for the purpose of reflection on the prospects and potential for liberal arts teaching and learning throughout the academic year. These _convening moments_, we believe will provide the community with opportunities to reflect on the value, role and mission of the college as a public liberal arts institution. Our original proposal has served as a college-wide catalyst for change and has generated cross-fertilization in areas we hadn_t anticipated. Evergreen finds itself in a period of deep reflection with an eye toward the future. This work has identified several critical areas pivotal to address in order to remain a vibrant, interdisciplinary public liberals arts college, including: 1. all campus convocation; 2. strong faculty-student advising; 3. a required Academic Statement; and 4. the convening of a community of scholars."