Engaged Learning, Civic Development & Student Wellbeing

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Based on 2009 BTtoP-funded pilot project results, we believed the next step must be toward integrating our engaged curriculum model into the university_s first-year student experience. Moreover, we wanted to test the effectiveness of our model on students_ civic and social development using a mixed quantitative and qualitative methods design. In this project we extend the curriculum to two additional freshman-level courses by adding two FYE combination courses that would be open to enrollment by any entering freshman, but especially those who have not yet declared a major and are at greatest risk for leaving after their first or second semester. Each student in our treatment sample of approximately 120 students will enroll in a one-credit FYE section and a two-credit Higher Ed Student Affairs (HESA) section using our curriculum model. We will compare these classes with a control sample of approximately 120 students taking one of two general education classes that do not use our model."