Elon University Planning Grant

Leadership Coalition

Elon University is a Leadership Coalition Institution. "Elon_s proposal was to examine its existing general education program (General Studies), instituted in 1994, in order to make changes necessary for it to remain cutting edge and transformative for our current student population. We were particularly interested in creating a general education program that would be more integrated than our current one with students_ entire educational experience, which includes the major, minor and various co-curricular activities. We also sought to shape a general education program with a more clearly-defined identity: a course of study with significance that students would recognize, embrace, and pursue with greater intentionality. We conducted this revision as a four-step process: conversation among faculty and staff about goals; education of faculty and staff about national trends and the broad array of research in general education; use of assessment data to determine our current strengths and needs; and strategic planning. We have created a new mission and goals and are now working on the curriculum for a program that follows best practices and that will be in line with Elon_s overall mission."