Deep Learning and Student Well-Being: A Model to Integrate Civic Engagement into the Second-Year Core Curriculum

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"This project focuses on civic development and student psychosocial well-being. By enchaining Wartburg College_s civic engagement program, this project will further embed these experiences in the curriculum, specifically our second-year required course on diversity (Inquiry Studies 201: Living in a Diverse World). In the end, the purpose of this project is to create a national model for how colleges and universities can integrate student civic engagement into the second-year core curriculum.

This project will impact nearly every second-year student at Wartburg, a significant cohort of faculty and staff, as well as the Northeast Iowa community. It will ensure that each of these populations understands through experience the power of civic engagement as a tool for student well-being and success. Staff within the Center for Community Engagement, in partnership with Student Life staff (e.g., Counseling Center), will develop and strengthen course-based civic engagement opportunities that meet the intended outcomes of Inquiry Studies 201: Living in a Diverse World, a required second-year course that introduces students to the challenges and opportunities of living in a diverse world. The project will culminate in civic engagement practices becoming embedded in multiple disciplines across campus, as well as within the co-curricular programming in Student Life.

The project will utilize measures in the areas of student flourishing, student well-being, and retention to evaluate the success of the program activities. Furthermore, project leaders will identify and adapt an instrument that will integrate the best of available instruments to develop an instrument that measures that quality of the civic engagement experience."