The Curriculum Centered Strategic Plan: Creating Advocates, Analysts and Change Agents

Category 2: Program Development Grant

"Carlow University is a liberal arts, women centered institution founded in the Mercy tradition. The School for Social Change (SSC) proposed to increase students_ civic engagement and psychosocial development by providing curricular and co-curricular experiences that will change students_ perceptions of themselves as political and/or community outsiders to change agents. The purpose of this project is to embark on a comprehensive curriculum centered strategic plan (CCSP) that will be premised on the question: How can learners develop the competences of self- and social science analysis to become advocates and change agents for themselves and their communities? The inquisitive and analytical self will be the thematic foci of our plan. Students will explore the self by participating in SSC seminars on topics such as: the self in relation to others; the analytical self; the self and civic engagement; and the self as advocate. We will strive to develop empowered students who will use their competencies and voices within their identified communities of practice to advocate for inclusiveness, justice, and democratized decision-making."